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Our founders Dwayne Deveaux and Valencia Roberts-Conliffe, both had an overwhelming desire to keep the memories of their fallen comarades alive. Both would go about this most monumental task using different venues. One a website and the other Facebook. They would team up in January 2012 and together they created what we have now a fully functioning website and its companion Facebook page. 


The New Oxford Dictionary of English defines, a memorial as “something, especially a structure, established to remind people of a person(s) or event”.


The past is not “Preserved” but is “Socially Constructed” through archives, museums, monuments, school curricula, and public displays.  What happens in the past is continuously being reconstructed in the context of the present.  Every one of us encounters certain “markers” of the past that help us remember and give meaning to our lives.  Graves, cemeteries, monuments, and religious places of worship are all examples of such “markers”.


We have these reminders because of the vision and the determination of those individuals who invested their, time and energy, into making and maintaining this website and its companion Facebook page


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